Sunday, November 20, 2011

A World of Dreams

Nicola is a Wiggles fanatic.

Really, we have probably passed fanatical and are moving well into the territory of psychopathical!

So, with some love from family, we were given the chance to take the girls to Dreamworld today.

I thought Jessica and Isabella were excited about it until Nicola saw Wiggles World... well, then it was all over.

There was a live Dorothy the Dinosaur show, with Dorothy, Waggs the Dog and Captain Feathersword. We arrived late so we had to stay at the back of the room, but as soon as Nicola realised what was going on she started clapping and dancing in her chair and going completely insane!

One of the Dreamworld photographers saw her going crazy at the back of the room and kept pointing her out to the other staff and making that 'oh look at her! Isn't that adorable?!' face in Nicola's direction.

Then, as soon as the show finished, they pulled us aside and set Nicola up on the stage so she could get photos done with the cast.

To say she was excited about the proceedings is a complete understatement! The look on her face when she realised that she was face to face with Captain Feathersword is nothing short of priceless!

Eventually we managed to prise her away from so much super star attention and we got her onto the Dorothy Tea Cups and the Wiggles Big Red Car ride.

In all, more than half our day was spent in Wiggles World before the call for food got too much and we had to tear her away to feed her.

Even Jessica and Isabella had a great day, they went on ride after ride, and Jessica came home very proud to announce that she went on all the fast rides and didn't get scared once! And Isabella only got a little bit scared!

All in all I think a great day was had by all, definitely not one that will be forgotten any time soon!

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