Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Last Down Day...

And tomorrow the fun begins!

Tomorrow is Nicola's second big round of chemo and hopefully we get to head 'home home' a few days later, so today was our last big huzzah as a family, enjoying some down time on our big adventure.

We packed the girls up and went over to Southbank and took them on the 'fairies wheel'. (OMG! $45 just to get on?!?!) They loved it! They all did, even Nicola!

We went to grab some lunch, which ended up being fraught with tears after one of the stinky ibis birds stole Jessica's fish right out of her hands!

Nicola enjoying a piece of pizza she stole from Isabella.

But in the end we enjoyed a meal out and then took them to Southbank to have a paddle in the pretend beach.

To start with I wasn't going to put Nicola in the water, we were just sitting up on the side watching as the big girls ran crazy and splashed in the water, but then I decided to stand Nicola up and see how she went with her feet squishing in the sand. But within about five second she was reaching down trying to get to the water to splash, so I sat her down and let her have a bit of a play.

She absolutely loved it! I have never seen her react in such a way to being in the water. Normally if you put her in the bath she freaks out and cries until you take her out, but today she was splashing and playing and really loving every second of it!

They all did!

Blowing kisses for the camera!

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