Monday, March 7, 2011

Early Release

Well... all I can say is that it's been an interesting week... but at least it has a happy ending!

We are home!!!!

Nicola's behaviour and tantrums deteriorated so badly over the weekend that Sunday ended up being a 13 hour temper tantrum because she didn't want me, she didn't want Aunty Kathy, she didn't want to sleep, she didn't want to be awake, she didn't want to play or read or anything else, she just wanted Daddy, and Daddy wasn't there.

We went back to the ward this morning, intending to argue our way to early release and to go home because Nicola just wasn't coping with it all mentally, she was not at all in a good place.

I was determined, there was a Qantas flight at 7pm and I was going to be on it, with or without their blessing.

Thankfully they had a modicum of common sense and a quick discussion about the situation with the added knowledge that we live only a few minutes from a major tertiary hospital meant that they agreed to let us go home. We got onto the 2pm flight and we were gone!

I don't remember the last time I saw her so glad to get home and to see her Daddy and her sisters, and most importantly her own bed!

So now we have to watch her sooooo closely for the next week for any sign of a post surgical bleed because that would most likely mean an instant flight to Brisbane, which I really do not want to do.

Thankfully, at least for the moment, we have no further surgeries on the horizon so I think it's time that we start looking into moving more and more of her medical care back to Townsville so that we can avoid more of these trips away in the future as much as possible!