Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Surgery is Done!

Woohoo! Another surgery that has been straight forward! Nicola had her T's and A's removed on Monday morning. The surgery was simple, but the surgeons said it was necessary. They were stunned by the size of her adenoids and her tonsils! So hopefully this will make a huge improvement to her sleeping and in turn her general mood!

She went into theatre around 8.45am and was out by 10am and only spent a few hours in HDU for observation before being transferred to the ward. One night in hospital and then we were discharged to the Lodge for recovery.

It's nice not being in hospital and having the freedom to come and go as we please and do what we want, but it's a pain in the butt being stuck here for the next two weeks just sitting around twiddling our thumbs!

The downside is that before she was discharged we got to see the rehabilititation specialists who looked at her muscle contractures on the right hand side of her body and they believe she has a hemi-dystonia that is most likely neurological in origin.

I soooooo look forward to the day when I can get to actually cross ONE specialist off her list instead of adding more and more!

At least we can go shopping! We're planning a shopping trip on Friday... a chance to scope out some bargains and catch up with some old friends and some new friends... but mostly just a couple of hours of normalcy which I am REALLY looking forward to!