Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sugar & Spice

Born Friday 28th January at 5.25pm

2 weeks and 2 days early.

52cm (20.8 inches) long,

37cm (14.8 inch) Head Circumference, and;

Weighing a beautiful 4.21kg (9 pounds 4 ounces).

Perfectly healthy in every way!

A beautiful baby sister for Jessica, Isabella and Nicola.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Light at the end of the Tunnel

So today I had a complete and utter mental freak out. I was struck with the realisation that in a few weeks, give or take, we're going to have another baby... another little defenceless being that will be relying on us entirely for every aspect of her care...

And to be honest, that thought scared the bejeezus out of me... and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to cope with the demands of two babies at once... especially one with additional needs, like Nicola.

I phoned Disability Services... after all, they're supposed to be able to help. Their website even says so!

"The Department of Communities (Disability and Community Care Services) helps people with a disability and their families to access the support and services they need as they move through the different stages of their life."

Sounds great... right?

Sounds simple?

Of course, being a government agency, it could never possibly be that easy!

It turns out that being up here, we are in a black hole of services and support. We have excellent medical care in most aspects, primarily paediatric, but everything else has lapsed by the wayside.

If we were still in Brisbane we would have all the support we could possibly need. We had agencies that we were registered with who would organise everything we needed... even down to a cleaner to help clean my home if we needed it.

Here, I can't even get 5 minutes of respite care so that I can go to the loo by myself during the day!

Ok, so technically that isn't entirely true. As the ever so helpful lady explained to me on the phone today... There is help available... if I am willing to play by their rules... and according to their rules, I have two choices.

I can sign a statement declaring that I am a danger to my children and they are at risk of harm in my care, at which point we will come under investigation by Children's Services...


I can surrender my child at one of the specified locations. I can surrender my parental rights for up to two weeks without legal prejudice.

It's really that simple huh?

And with a wonderfully straightforward legal system such as this one, that offers so much support to the families who need it most, people wonder why carers of disabled children find themselves at breaking point and do stupid things?

Seriously... the mind boggles!

Needless to say, I declined their very generous offer. One way or another, we will cope with whatever is to come... we have no help... we have no choice.