Thursday, December 1, 2011

Only God Can Understand

Only God Can Understand

My dreams for you are born of faith as I watch you struggle to find your way
They paint a canvas of future hope and the vision of a brighter day
My dreams for you cannot be fulfilled by the efforts of human hands
They are not understood in the earthly realm, only God can understand.

My wish for you is to be the best at whatever you choose to be
To show the world your unselfish love and the joy you bring to me
My wish for you cannot be painted with the words we have at our command
It is not a wish that is made with words, but one that only God can understand.

My prayer for you is to see the world as it was created to be from the start
Filled with love and truth to guide your way as you experience it from your heart
My prayer for you cannot be explained by the greatest minds that fill our land
It is only heard by heavenly ears, for only God can understand.

My love for you does not depend on your abilities or strength to achieve
It is from the deepest part of our souls that our hearts can interweave
My love for you cannot be measured by instruments known to man
It is a love so true that we share in our hearts that only God can understand.

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