Friday, December 9, 2011

When it rains, it pours.

Today I finally figured out why I have spent this week feeling so overwhelmed with everything.

Even though we are at home, I have been at the hospital every single day this week.

Monday we had to take her in to have some bloods done to monitor her blood counts post chemo.

Tuesday we had to go back for a review because her blood counts were not what they had expected to find - her white cells were too high, her hemoglobin was too low and some of her electrolytes were off. She was sent home because they wanted to take a minimalist approach in regards to intervention, hoping she would self correct.

Wednesday - we had to do a rushed trip at 10pm for an urgent review because she developed severe respiratory distress and started to turn blue.

By the time we got to the hospital she had improved enough for them to send her home as long as we watched her very very closely because being admitted was likely to be more detrimental given that the ward is full of children with nasty bugs.

Thursday we had to go back for a review after her breathing issues. They decided that it was most likely a bit of a viral infection that was affecting her.

Today, Friday, is chemo day in Townsville. We had to go in early for an assessment by the doctors before they could do her chemo. I was late because it took me ages to find a park after some stupid ignorant moron stole the park I had been waiting for, but that is a whole other rant in itself. The doctor was also running late, which made it ok. Then we had to wait for the treatment room to be available and then we had to do bloods etc, and finally she got the chemo done.

At the same time they have diagnosed her with croup, which is what is causing the respiratory problems. Because her lungs are already compromised because of the metastasis in her lungs from the cancer, any little respiratory bug that wouldn't really bother a healthy child all that much is knocking her for six.

So, now, I have a medically fragile child with cancer, who is already respiratory compromised and has underlaying pain management issues, who now has additional pain from bone/marrow pain caused by the chemo, itching caused by the pain medications she is on, and now a red raw throat and respiratory distress caused by croup.

Poor little mite just can't seem to catch a break at the moment!


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Beautiful Bree said...

It breaks my heart what little Nicola and the whole family go through on a regular basis. She is very lucky to have such a strong and wonderful mum. I am a better person for knowing you.

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