Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sleeps Not So Sweet.

So... Nicola finally got her sleep study...

What can I say?

Other than... not at all what I expected!

We flew down that morning and transferred across to the Mater Childrens Hospital where we did all the admission stuff and sat down and spoke with the ENT specialist about her syndrome, her medical history etc.

At 4pm they gave us an hour of reprieve so I was going to run across to Subway to grab something to eat, but I ran into her paediatric surgeon in the hall who wanted to talk to me about Nicola's hernia and the surgery she needed for that.

Thankfully I did manage to grab a quick bite after talking with Craig otherwise it would have been a REALLY long night!

At about 5.30 we gave her a bath and they hooked her up to all the monitors and then I put her into bed.

Honestly, I didn't expect them to find much of anything... she had a BEAUTIFUL night's sleep! If she slept like that at home I would be a very very happy Mumma! I even rang my husband at home and told him that she was sleeping so well... no snoring, no gasping or choking, nothing... just a nice night's sleep!!

The next morning, after *I* tossed and turned all night long, the ENT specialist came in and had a chat with me.

I told him that she had had what I thought was a brilliant night and how it was so typical of her to have a good night's sleep when I'm trying to prove how bad she usually is.

He was amazed.

Medically, her sleep study was a disaster. He said that in the 12 hours she was connected she achieved less than an hour and a half of actual deep sleep. She stopped breathing on average of every 3 minutes or so, and through the whole night, her entire oxygen saturation levels rarely rose above 80% and she had constant nasal obstruction.

He thinks her tonsils are far too big and are obstructing her airways through the night and that her adenoids are permanantly blocking her nasal passages.

For the first time ever I have been taken completely and utterly by surprise when it came to the results of a test. Normally I have been the one pushing for testing because I felt there was a problem, but this time I was sure they wouldn't find anything!

So now the grand plan is to go back to our ENT specialists at the Royal Childrens and get her put on the waiting list for T&A surgery. After the surgery has been done they will give her a few months to recover and then do another sleep study and see if there has been some improvement. If there hasn't, then they will have to refer her to other specialists for more tests to be done.


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