Thursday, October 18, 2012


There are so many things that really bug the hell out of me about social media, especially Facebook.  

There is a quote that I have seen around a few times...  it says:

"Welcome to FACEBOOK.  The place where people add you as a friend, but walk past you in the street.  Where relationships are perfect and Liars believe they are telling the truth.  Your enemies visit your profile the most, yet friends and family block you...  and even though you write what you are really thinking, someone always takes it the wrong way or assumes your post is about them."

There is so much that annoys me...  I don't like the text speak, I get bugged by the annoying profiles that parents make for their very young children, or even worse, their dogs!  and I despise the way people comment on your every status, even though really you know that they couldn't care less, but they're trying to make themselves feel better about their own lives...

I get annoyed by the people who update every single little thing...  "Oh, I got a drink of water, how awesome am I?"

Or the people who update nothing except drama, drama, drama!

But mostly, more than anything else, I completely, totally and utterly LOATHE the term FML.

For the uninitiated among us, FML stands for F*** My Life.

"My shirt won't button up over my boobs....  FML!"

"My kid spilled foundation on my carpet...  FML!"

"I can't find a pair of brown boots in size 10...  FML!"

"I can't afford tickets to P!NK!  FML!"

I mean...  come on...  seriously?

If the worst thing that you can complain about is that you have big boobs, or you can't afford tickets to go to a stupid concert, then really, you need to step back, stop and think, and take a very, very long hard look at your life...

Then step out of your bubble, and look at the world around you.

Tonight, this is what is happening in the world around me.

In Kentucky, a family is mourning the loss of a beloved son who passed away from cancer at the age of 13.

In New England, a woman is watching her husband in Intensive Care after he was shot in the head because he happened to be in the wrong convenience store at the wrong time.

In Texas a mother is praying that something, ANYTHING, can be done to help her baby.

In London a mother is watching her beloved child suffer in excruciating pain while she is waitlisted for extreme surgery that most people could never even begin to fathom.

In the capital city a family has been told that there is nothing more that can be done for their precious daughter.

A few hours away, a woman is faced with losing her mother.

In a neighbouring town, a mother is sitting by her child's bedside as her child struggles to breathe...

And here?

Here, I sit...  I am listening as my husband holds my screaming daughter who is in pain that you couldn't even begin to comprehend.  Tonight, I am crying with my child, because as she cries, I know there is nothing more I can do except hold her and tell her it's ok.  

Tonight, my daughter is one day closer to gaining her angel wings.

My six year old daughter is blaming herself.  She wakes up five or six times a night screaming from horrific nightmares that plague her because she thinks that she is somehow responsible for the fact that her baby sister is dying.

My five year old daughter is struggling to comprehend what has become our reality.  She doesn't understand, she can't even begin to deal with it, so she just cries...  all the time.

My 20 month old daughter is just dealing with everyone else's stress and looking for the things that make her happy...  her Grandad and her Dora.

All around me, my family is slowly but surely falling apart, and there is not a damned thing that I can do to help any of them.  I can be there, I can hold them, I can reassure them that somehow, when this is through, we will be ok...  

But I can't change it.

My four year old daughter is dying from cancer, and there is nothing at all that I can do to change it.

So...  now...  having read what's happening in my world...  all I want to know is...

Still think your life is that bad because you can't get tickets to P!NK?


Beautiful Bree said...

As always beautifully written. You really put our lives into perspective and I too despise the term FML.
Please know that although you feel you can't help your family you are doing a wonderful job just being there with them through the hardest time of your lives <3

Scottish Journey said...

You are a Mum in a million, be proud to hold your head up high, even when its seems the world is trying to crush you. Never apologise for your feelings. I just wish I could wave a magic wand and fix everything for you. I have never met you, but reading your blog I have come to know you. You and your wee family are continually in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you all

NBO Momma said...

Couldn't agree more. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Dragonflyo said...

Jo. I feel for you so deeply, and your family of sweet little princesses. We can in no way fathom the emotional trauma you are all going through, but we think and pray for you all daily. You are amazing, and I hope with all my heart you and your family are able to stay strong. It seems incredibly difficult, but do what needs to be done and never apologize! Screw facebook and the people who have no clue what a difficult time really is. xox

Nikki said...

Couldn't agree more . You are in my thoughts and prayers xx

benedictesymcox said...

whoosh.... the sound of breath rushing out of me... And in the passion and the love you write, I can see that FML is the very LAST thing you would write. Because all of your girls are wonderful and beautiful and experiencing life to a degree that few would even imagine. Much as you, I can't change anything, though right now I would move heaven and hell to help you. I do know that after a family falls apart due to emotional, life fall out stuff, it can heal. It will never be the same, nor should it. Buthealing is possible. I hope that in some small way that can maybe give you a little hope xx

Helen Curtis said...

I cannot imagine the agony that you are all going through at this time; whatever words I try to offer all seem completely inadequate. So I will just say that I am praying for you all, for an abundance of God's love to wash over your family and bring you peace that defies logic. Blessings abundant to you and your family. Helen. XO

Melissa said...

Oh. Oh Jo. Joel and I often talk about this blog, you and Nicola. Not in a bad way. But in a way to remember first of all just how fortunate we are that our children are healthy. But because we simply can't comprehend the 4 years you have had with Nicola - how many things have been thrown your way.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I say this in awe of your staying power (I realise, there's no choice. But that doesn't make me any less respectful of all you've done). I say this because I don't want to to feel more alone than you have to.

Katie Wright said...

Tears..... :'-(

Tammy said...

Yes that is so true.. if only we had to worry about not getting tickets to PINK! ... not the health & well being of our precious children...

I agree, some need to step outside their bubble and face the real world.. see how others are living and what they are dealing with...


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