Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Stars of the Show.

So, after a comment on my last blog entry it occurred to me that I talk a lot about my family, yet I've never actually 'introduced' my family. So tonight, I am going to take some time to do that.

Meet Jessica.

Jessica is my oldest daughter. She is five years old, turning 6. She loves Barbies, My Little Ponies and her cat Emmaline. She loves dancing and learns Ballet, Jazz and Highland. She has just started in Grade One and she loves school, loves to learn and loves her friends. She is beautiful and smart and incredibly wonderful and she makes me so very very proud that she is my little girl.

Now I would like you to meet Isabella.

Isabella is 4 and has just started in Kindy. She loves Barbie and Dora, Tinkerbell and her puppy Silvermist. She loves dancing and learns Ballet and Jazz and she will be starting Gymnastics as soon as life settles down a little. She is bright and funny and smart and oh so very very cheeky! She lives life a mile a minute and never slows down and when Isabella is around there is never a silent moment, but she is one of those rare beautiful little souls who just has a natural ability to make everyone around her feel happy and loved.

This is Alyssa - aka - "Squeaky"

Alyssa just turned one at the end of January. She is crazy about Dora and loves food, and idolizes her big sisters. She is a little trouble maker with a cheeky smile who can crawl faster than Daddy can walk. She is warm and snugly and gives the most wonderful cuddles and big wet baby kisses.

From not long after Alyssa was born, Nicola has made it very clear that Alyssa is HER 'bubba'. Now, a year later, Nicola has developed her own hand sign that is just especially for her Bubba Squeaky.

Of course, everyone knows the Star of this show. Princess Nicola.

3 years, 5 months and 6 days old, and as cheeky as any little monkey. She is psychopathically attached to The Wiggles, loves her sisters, chocolate custard and hates green vegetables. She is smart and warm and has her own incredibly gorgeous personality and a very infectious smile that she loves to share.

Together they are my beautiful girls. They are my heart and soul and the center of my universe. They are what keeps me going through every day. Every single day they make me incredibly proud that they are mine. <3

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